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Car HVAC Climate Control Repair Rebuild Service
What is this service? We replace all of the light bulbs in your climate control unit. We repair climate control units of all makes and models. We also check the remaining internal components for failure replace as necessary, clean and polish your climate unit, and then ship it back. We have complete, fully rebuilt, ready to ship heater control units for sale also that range from $100-$300 depending on the make and model. We ONLY replace lighting at this price.

What happens after you buy this service? Click "shipping" on the top of the page. If viewing from a mobile device: Print, complete, and mail our work order form along with your item. Work order found here: http://taninauto.com/media/work_order.pdf

Click to download work order

Warranty: We offer a one year warranty on our repair. A nominal shipping charge may apply.

If you turn on a GM vehicle without a climate control installed, remove the battery, or disconnect the battery you will likely have to recalibrate or reprogram your climate control unit. Symptoms are hot and cold does not adjust or left or right side are stuck at a certain temperature after you reinstall the climate control unit.