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Digital Speedometer Odometer and mileage programming and correction
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Speedometer Gauge Cluster Instrument Panel Digital Odometer Mileage Correction
What is this service? If your original gauge cluster fails or you need to replace it for another reason it is important to program the correct digital mileage back into the unit. The vehicle's miles are usually stored inside the gauge cluster. Having inaccurate digital odometer mileage can negatively affect the resale price of your vehicle and also show up as a red mark on a vehicle history check or registration renewal.

What years or models is this for? We can correct digital odometer mileage for 95% of the vehicles out there so let us know what you have before you purchase so we can verify! We do not correct mechanical odometers. This service will also repair 2003-2006 GM truck clusters that display "ERROR".

What happens after you buy this service? Click on "shipping" to the left for further instruction. If viewing from a mobile device keep reading.

You will need to include:
Odometer Correction Form: http://taninauto.com/media/odometer_disclosure.pdf and the Work Order Form: http://taninauto.com/media/work_order.pdf

Is this legal? Local laws vary by state, however it is legal to correct digital odometer mileage as long as you follow the laws, disclosure, and regulations. Odometer mileage can only be corrected to reflect the actual miles on the vehicle. You can not willingly and knowingly reduce odometer mileage for any reason. You can set odometer mileage to 0. In this event, you must place an approved sticker in your door jamb stating the reason for correction to 0. You will need to complete our odometer correction form and send it along with your speedometer.