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WHITE CLEAR Speedometer Cluster Needles 2005 2006 2007 Ford F250 F350 Explorer Blue, White, Red, COLOR Speedometer Gauge Needles for 2003 - 2006 GM GMC Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche 1995-2002 Chevy Tahoe, Silverado, Suburban, GMC Yukon Gauge Cluster Needles
What is this item? This is one set of 2005+ Ford instrument cluster white or clear needles. Be sure to select 6 or 7 needles depending on how many gauges you have.

What is this item? This item is for a 7-pack of custom tinted gauge needles for GM trucks 2003-2006. The cluster pictures show our LED conversion. Your cluster will not look like this unless you have white LED's installed.
What is this item? This item is for one brand new set of bright orange gauge cluster needles for GM and Chevy trucks 1995-2002. Replace your faded yellow needles with this brand new set. These are OEM needles. There are two different lengths for the long needles. If you are using these in a 2000 - 2002 you will need to shorten the longest needle. If you don't one needle will be longer than the other on either the RPM or MPH. The second picture in the auction shows the shortened needle. You can use a dremel or any cut off tool along with sandpaper to smooth the tip of the needle down. Alternatively you can leave it long if you wish.

1992-1996 Tanin Auto Electronix V3 Lexus ES300 SC300 SC400 Speedometer Drop in LED Needles 2006 2007 2008+ Lexus IS250 IS350 Rebuilt MPH RPM Needles
What is this item? This is one set of our newest V3 Lexus needle boards. You will need basic tools and soldering equipment to install these boards into your needles. Please watch our Youtube video for installation instructions.

Please note 92-96 ES, 94-96 SC, and 93-97 GS all have red tinted needles so red is the only needle option possible and red needles are what you will receive.

92-93 SC plastic needle housings are clear and allow any color to pass through so alternate colors are possible. Keep this in mind when ordering. You can use 92-93 SC needle housings in any 92-96 SC300, SC400, or 93-97 GS300.

Options: LED Backlight is a set of cluster backlighting LED's. These are the same high quality LED's we use in our cluster rebuilds. Remember LED's only work one way in the socket.

Warranty? The DIY needle boards have a limited 5 year warranty on self-install.

This is one refurbished set of long needles (MPH and RPM) for a Lexus IS250, IS-F, or IS350 from 2006+.

The price listed will cover models 2006-2013, they all use the same needles.

We can ship needles in different colors, please ask ahead of time.

If you ship back your core needles you will receive a refund of $50 as long as they are untouched.

Our rebuilt needles carry a 5 year warranty.