Office Hours:

9am - 5pm CST

Turnaround Time:

Turnaround times are an estimate and not a guarantee. We will notify you of any delays with your item.

Same Day Appointments:

A $50 same day, non-refundable deposit will be charged when you schedule your appointment. If you are running late you must let us know in advance or you will be subject to additional service fees. Same day service cannot be guaranteed without deposit. Our technicians work limited hours, the repair queue is always extremely full, and the business is impacted when we schedule specific time frames to perform work and a customer does not show up.


We accept physical item returns within 14 days with a 15% restocking fee. This applies to unopened, unused products in the same condition that we initially shipped them to you.

Electronic items such as display screens, LCD, TFT, etc are generally NOT returnable. We test every electronic item before it leaves. They leave our facility in 100% working condition. If you ship them back to us and are not working anymore we cannot issue a refund.

Refurbished replacement gauge clusters are NOT returnable if they are damaged physically or electronically, modified, or otherwise in a condition that you did not receive it in.

Warranty stickers will be applied to your cluster after repairs. Removing them will void your warranty. Our warranty only applies to parts that we repair.

Replacement Items:

We are not able to send you a "replacement item" free of charge. You must return the first part received or authorize a temporary and refundable charge on a second item.

Tanin Auto Electronix Labor Refunds:

Repair service labor charges are NOT refundable. Special cases may be granted with authorization from management at Tanin Auto Electronix.

We are not responsible for minor cosmetic interior vehicle damage incurred by the removal or re-installation of gauge clusters, radios, climate controls, etc. Many times interiors are very old and brittle. Sometimes indentations or plastic cracks occur.

Third Party Labor & Shipping:

We are not responsible for any cost associated with third-party services, and expenses including but not limited to shipping, installations, mechanical work or other expenses associated with your vehicle's down time.

Warranty Claims:

Warranty claims must be discussed and authorized prior to shipping your item back to us.

Warranty stickers will be applied to your cluster after repairs. Removing them will void your warranty.

Abandoned Product, Collections:

Any product "abandoned" for 30 days or more will be charged a storage fee. This fee will be $10 a day starting on the 30th day up to 100 days. After this point we will turn your account over to collections.