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Trust Tanin Auto Electronix to bring your automotive electronics back to life!

Tanin Auto Electronix is here to restore your speedometer and other auto electronics! Whether you are experiencing failed lighting, a malfunctioning gauge, or a complete circuit board failure, we offer many quality solutions to solve your problems. Our wide range of services includes not only instrument cluster repair, but also climate controls, radio and navigation systems, clocks, and ECMs as well.


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TAE Manufactured Parts

Since 2011, we have been developing and manufacturing our own LCD displays for your speedometer and climate control.  These auto electrical parts and components are unavailable anywhere else in the world. All of our products are branded with our logo and come sealed in anti-static bags. We created these auto electrical products because our customers asked for them and there was no other solution on the table. From speedometer repairs to parts for DIY digital instrument cluster projects, we spend great amounts of time and research in finding the best ways to bring new products to the market. Speedometers and climate control units from the 2000s, 1990s, and even older still have plenty of life in them. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with delicate screens made out of glass and polarized film. Always look for our logo on products found online. If it’s not in the picture then the item is counterfeit, copied and not genuine.

We control all aspects of the manufacturing process so we are able to offer lifetime warranties which make our TAE manufactured parts truly one of a kind.

Innovative Solutions

Many times these electronic parts fail due to age, climate (too hot or too cold), or simply becoming defective in other inexplicable ways. Without Tanin Auto Electronix, one of the very few options available is taking a trip to the dealership and purchasing an entirely brand new unit. Instrument clusters from the dealership will also need the correct mileage programmed into it – a service the dealership usually does not provide. This process is usually the most expensive and least convenient option compared to the solutions we can provide!

Not only do we supply reasonably priced refurbished parts that will arrive ready to plug and play, but we can also program your current vehicle mileage into your new part. And even if you locate a replacement speedometer elsewhere, we will still gladly provide you with an odometer correction. This is one of the many specialty services we offer that you probably won’t be able to find at a dealership or another auto repair facility.

Under federal law, Tanin Auto Electronix has a legal right to decline to provide goods or services to a customer.