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1999 – 2005 Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, Bora Instrument Cluster


Turnaround depends on current stock levels. Please allow around 2-3 weeks for total turnaround time.

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This item is one refurbished, premium instrument cluster for 1999-2005.5 VW Jetta, Bora, or Golf vehicles (MK4) that is programmed to your vehicle’s current mileage. It is compatible with all 1999-2005.5 IMMO2 and IMMO3 vehicles.

Added benefits of this instrument cluster:

  • Door, hood, trunk or hatch open indicator on-screen – tells you which door is open
  • Radio information including volume, CD track, and tape
  • Outside temperature (with the installation of outside temp sensor)
  • Rear fog light icon and integration with the Euro headlight switch, 1C0941531A
  • Average MPH, the time elapsed, and average MPG, instant MPG
  • 2 different trip meters allowing you to track 2 sets of information (one long term, one short term)
  • We enable the DTE (Distance To Empty) feature. This is not normally enabled from the factory
  • On request we can enable needle, gauge, or display lighting (or any combination of those) with key ON, regardless of light switch position. Normally all of the cluster lighting ONLY turns on when you turn on the headlights. There is no option for only needles on at all times, or needle + gauges, etc. This is helpful for driving through tunnels during the daytime so you can see the gauges or needle position.
  • Cluster comes coded correctly for USA vehicles. (12 hour clock, Fahrenheit and mile display, no service reminder, correct impulse for MPH reading and odometer accumulation)


We provide you with the 4-digit PIN from this cluster to make the installation smooth. However, you will need to program this cluster to your vehicle using various guides found online. Your vehicle will not start without this programming.

IMMO2 vehicles (1999-2002.5)

There may some additional work getting everything to work correctly such as the individual door open icons due to the earlier P/N CCM, door modules, and possibly some warning sensors, specifically the hood latch open wire.

You will need to add wires/install a wiper stalk with menu buttons (4B0953503H Golf/Wagon, 4B0953503G Sedan)

IMMO3 vehicles (2002.5-2005)

Everything will work as intended
You will need your original cluster/immo PIN in addition to the new PIN from this cluster in order to program they keys. If you send us your original cluster first we can provide this to you for an extra charge. Otherwise there are various methods on the market to obtain your current PIN or SKC.

You will need to add wires/install a wiper stalk with menu buttons (4B0953503H Golf/Wagon, 4B0953503G Sedan)





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