2000 – 2006 Mercedes W220 S-Class Overhead Control Panel Repair


1-2 week turnaround time.

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This repair is for your 2000 – 2006 Mercedes W220 S-Class Overhead Control Panel. This Mercedes overhead control panel repair fixes the broken Air Temperature Sensor. This is a common issue with all W220 chassis S-Class cars.

The Auto Climate Control (ACC) Air Temperature Sensor (N70/b1) in the Overhead Control Panel (OCP) (N70) often fails and causes the ACC to malfunction. This is easily diagnosed by utilizing the Automatic Climate Control (ACC) Service Menus Feature which allows an access/review/read of the ACC actual parameter values during normal operation. Parameter NR.01: In Car Temperature Sensor (N70/b1), ACC Overhead Control Panel (OCP) (N70) should indicate the in cabin air temperature near the roof of the vehicle, eg 27C. If it reads 0C and the cabin is not freezing then there is a fault.


Make Model Years
Mercedes S-Class 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Core Refund

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How It Works

  1. After you install your replacement unit, fill out our core refund form. Be sure to describe the issues you were experiencing with the original item.
  2. (OPTIONAL) Use our UPS Shipping Portal to create a discounted shipping label. The shipping cost will then be deducted from your core refund amount.
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What Happens Next?

Simply print & fill out our repair work order and ship your item to Tanin Auto Electronix! We will repair your item within 7-10 business days of arrival and ship it back to you.

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