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2006 – 2011 Honda, Mitsubishi Stepper Motor (Long Shaft)


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Used, good condition stepper motor for mid to late 2000’s Honda vehicles and Mitsubishi gauge clusters. This motor has a long shaft, but we also offer these motors with a short shaft. You can see the difference between the long and short shaft in our picture.

Please note that you typically cannot remove the needle from these stepper motors without damaging the motor beyond repair. We carefully keep the motor shaft intact during disassembly. Be careful when installing your needle on this motor. Push down very lightly until you are certain it is in the correct position. Once secured down further you will not be able to remove the needle.

Honda manufactured different cluster versions for the 2006 – 2011 Civic. This long shaft stepper motor will only fit the cluster with the “hidden” RPM numbers as shown in our picture. The white colored, “visible” RPM numbers use our gray import stepper motor found here


DIY Disclaimer

We do not offer any additional technical support for this DIY part.

If you are not confident in your abilities to install this, please contact us about sending your unit in for repair.






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