TAE Audi Q7 A6 Bose Amplifier Main Board


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This item is one brand new, Audi Q7 and A6 Bose amplifier main board. You will need component protection programming at an Audi dealership or independent shop that specializes in programming. This car audio amplifier will turn on and work, however, there will only be sound coming from one speaker until the amplifier is programmed.

The MMI system will work and function with the amplifier plugged in, but not yet programmed. The programming only affects the audio portion of the system.

If you are replacing this part, ensure that you solve the original cause of the failure which is the sunroof/hatch water drain lines. These become clogged and then overflow and drain into the amplifier, shorting it out and rendering it useless.

Part Numbers

2006-2008 Audi A6 / 2007-2009 Audi Q7

  • 4L0035223
  • 4L0035223A
  • 4L0035223D
  • 4L0035223G

2010-2015 Audi Q7

  • 4L0035223E







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