TAE 2013 – 2016 Ford Escape Instrument Cluster TFT LCD Screen


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This item is a color TFT speedometer display screen for 2013 – 2016 Ford Escape. This screen will repair your black or blank speedometer display. Installation is simple. Simply remove the cluster, then remove the front lens and rear panel. The TFT LCD screen will easily pop out without disturbing the gauge needles.

Please note that this listing is not for a repair service – you are purchasing ONLY the new TFT LCD screen.

To verify that you are purchasing the correct screen for your gauge cluster:

  1. Confirm that your gauge face reads up to “140” or “150” MPH. Hash marks do not matter – if it does not have the number “150” printed, then you do not have the 150MPH screen.
  2. To be even more certain, you can remove the lens so that you can see the entire LCD inside the cluster. Check if the sides of the LCD screen have metal brackets.
    • WITH metal brackets = 140MPH
    • WITHOUT metal brackets = 150MPH

** Step 2 is required if you have a 2013 Ford Escape! These gauge clusters may have either screen, regardless of the max speed.





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