Bulbs & Bulb Caps

Here you can find our variety of our high-quality automotive light bulbs commonly used in speedometers, climate controls, radios, and other auto electronics. We are your one-stop shop for many hard to find light bulbs, plus our heat-resistant bulb covers directly manufactured by TAE!

None of our bulbs or bulb caps are purchased from a seller on the internet already advertising them for sale. If we did this we would have no control over quality or price. We go the extra step to work directly with a factory to produce items exactly to our specifications. This way we have full control over the warranty and the quality of the product for you or your customers. This does cost us a little more up front, but is absolutely worth it for us.

Finally, we do offer some pre-packaged bulb kits for various models to leave the guesswork out of which bulbs go where.

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