Audi Cluster Repair

We began repairing Audi instrument clusters around the 1998 model year. Years prior to that have very limited parts and demand.

These clusters are all built and manufactured in Germany typically by VDO or Jaeger. The most common issues with Audi clusters are display screens failing.  They typically did not have issues with stepper motors or gauge movement because they used high quality motors in all of the clusters.  Using high quality motors leads to longevity.

The exception of this is the 2000-2006 Audi TT where the motors always failed along with the display screen and sometimes the cluster entirely.

Odometer correction and cluster swapping is relatively easy up to about 2005. The clusters typically had a 4 digit PIN number that is linked to the ECM and immobilizer system. With special equipment you can extract the PIN number from the cluster and be able to program new keys and a replacement cluster.

Around 2005 Audi started using CANBUS gateways as separate modules mounted in the vehicle. Swapping clusters became more difficult as the CANBUS gateway also needed to be used to sync the new cluster.

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