Radio & Navigation Repair

Our third most common repair service is car navigation and radio units. Typical issues with these are failed digitizer panels, screens that no longer turn on, or issues with buttons or knobs.

If your navigation unit has a touchscreen then it has a digitizer which is a thin panel that sits on top of the color display screen. Over time touching the car navigation screen will become harder and harder or it will simply stop responding.

The TFT screen or assembly will have either the color display screen or display screen with the digitizer attached to it. This is similar to a flat screen TV. By having us fix these issues for you saves a ton of money versus buying a used unit with the same problems or buying a new unit directly from the dealer.

While your original unit undergoes car navigation system repair, you also avoid needing any costly software programming by the dealership that is required for a new or used unit to interact with the rest of your vehicle.

Some issues like total power loss or units that simply don’t turn on anymore at all may need to be replaced instead of repaired. In this case we can find you a unit, refurbish it for you, and ship it to you ready to install.

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