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1999 – 2002 Toyota 4Runner Instrument Cluster

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You are purchasing one 1999-2002 Toyota 4Runner instrument cluster that has been professionally rebuilt, tested, clean & polished. We will also handle programming your vehicle’s current mileage into the replacement gauge cluster, and we use brand new, OEM green backlight bulbs during our rebuild so the lighting will look like a brand new, OEM cluster.

Common issues with this cluster include:

  • a fuel gauge that no longer works correctly
  • failed lighting
  • an instrument cluster that does not turn on anymore

***NOTE: Manual transmission clusters are rare and cost an additional $100. Please select Automatic or Manual transmission before adding to cart.

There are quite a few different clusters for this year range, but by providing us with your VIN, we will ensure you receive the proper one for your vehicle. 1999-2000 models are all compatible, while the cluster plugs switched for 2001-2002 models. Some clusters are for RWD trucks only, others have 4WD icons. There are also limited clusters with the driveline picture in the center of the cluster with illumination lights as well as rare manual transmission clusters.




Transmission Type

Automatic, Manual

2 reviews for 1999 – 2002 Toyota 4Runner Instrument Cluster

  1. Blair Burke (verified owner)

    Resolved all electrical issues !!! I gave it a 50% chance of this being the solution to all the fault code triggers. It did the trick !!! and a new Instrument cluster.


  2. Tj Awa (verified owner)


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