2002 – 2005 Lexus SC430 HVAC Climate Control Unit 55900-24260


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This is one fully refurbished Lexus SC430 climate control unit for years 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.  The part number for this climate control is 55900-24260. The 2006-2009 SC430 climate control will look the same, but will not interchange despite what many other sellers state.  The 2006-2009 climate control units are incredibly difficult to find and are double the cost.

We replace the display panel with a new TAE manufactured LCD and also install a brand new anti-glare lens which protects the LCD screen and allows easy viewing of the screen with the convertible top down. We also offer options for different color LED upgrades for the buttons, screen, and indicator lights above the buttons.

If your buttons do not work anymore or occasionally work then a replacement climate control is your best option. Brand new plastic face plates are available from Lexus, however they are $300-$400. Note this is just the bezel trim that surrounds the buttons. We stock the replacement white ribbons that rip off when you try to separate the face panel from the rear portion of the climate control.

These units are 20+ years old so be aware that there may be some scuffs or light scratches. If your faceplate and buttons are in mint condition, then consider sending your climate to us for our 2002 – 2009 Lexus SC430 climate control repair service as a much more cost-effective option.  Our repair service will replace your LCD screen which typically fails or starts missing information.





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