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2009 – 2010 Honda Ridgeline Instrument Cluster


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This is one refurbished instrument cluster for your 2009 and 2010 Honda Ridgeline. This replacement instrument cluster will also come programmed to match your vehicle’s current mileage.

Part numbers for these years are typically 78100-SJC-A140 and 78100-SJC-A51 for the RTL and RTS trim.



The higher cost is due to the fact that Honda Ridgeline instrument clusters for the 2009-2010 models can be extremely hard to locate.  However, it’s still likely that going through a dealership will cost more since they typically don’t include any mileage programming. When you purchase a replacement from us, there is no extra charge for us to program your current mileage into the instrument cluster. Please contact us with any questions!

2011-2014 Ridgeline clusters are similar, but have different part numbers and are not backwards compatible. Part number for these years is 78100-SJC-A71 for the RTL trim. If you have an 11-14 please email us first for availability and pricing.





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