TAE BA9S LED with Reverse Polarity


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This listing is for our BA9S LED. Used in interior and exterior lights. Sold as QTY ONE (1)

What makes this LED special is its reverse polarity. Typically positive voltage is on the tip of the LED while negative is on the outer shell. This is the case with 99% of LED’s on the market. Several auto manufacturers flipped the script on us. This may have been unintentional because regular bulbs work either way in the socket and they did not have to take LED into consideration.

We modified these LED’s so the positive voltage is on the outer shell and the negative is at the bottom point. Problem solved! We have the ability to make these in different colors not listed so if you need blue, green, or red let us know.

Our customers have told us these LED’s work in many European vehicles, specifically BMW and also some Japanese vehicles such as the Lexus SC430. They also work in the 2000 – 2006 Audi TT.

This LED interchanges with the following bulb part numbers:

1445, 17053, 1815, 1816, 182, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1895, 1895A, 216, 293, 363, 3886X, 3893, 53, 53X, 57, 6253, 64111, 64113, 64115, 756, 1896, 51



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